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Turnkey Franchise Showrooms for 79000₺

AKC Furniture is manufacturing home furnitures and accessories on its facility located in Inegol industrial area with a 22,000m3 factory. Company established in 2005 and exporting its goods more than 30 countries.

Livello is growing bigger ! looking for new franchise partners to join us and open up new branches !

Our products have affordable prices and has luxurious quality. You can modify your living areas with functional designs.Our furnitures have been designed as simple and clean lines and provide reasonable prices.

Turnkey Showroom

Livello touch point showrooms have been planned to reach 250.000 of population per one showroom. Our system has advantage to be accessable and easy to spread with low running costs.

One interior architec per each showroom to provide free of charge architectural support. We help our customers to see how their furniture will look in their homes through our interior design software.our interior design team help our customer to turn their houses into a pleasent places.

More options and smart solutions

While making the presentation through the screen, our team may show the products that are not produced by Livello but on sale and under the guarantee of Livello.Thus we could offer more models and more options.

The records seen on the system proceed as a covered system. Logistic team informs about the deadline of delivery and shares the information of the customer pleasure survey’s results with the Livello touch point showroom.

Meet our team to see what livello can represent you and learn how to join our team.

To Be Our Business
Partner in 3 steps

Have Contact

If you are interested in a member of the livelo chain and open up your own showroom, please fill the online application form. Your application wiil be reviewed and you will be informed

Information Exchange

In case of your application has been approved, you will have to sign a privacy agreement before our planned meeting, creating your personal profile.

Performing the Agreement

A working plan to be prepared which includes starting team’s description, location, marketing, budget and operation plan.budgets to be prepared as final place and to be approved by Livello. Franchise contrat to be signed and startin payment to be paid. then the project to be carried on according to Livello showroom starting progress

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